Ardore (screenplay, scene 27)


Matilde is sitting on a medical table.
Sister Nunzia is standing in front of her. She holds a large glass of sugars and vitamins for her. She motions for her to drink.

Matilde takes a few sips, but then she stops. She is totally powerless.



Matilde struggles to finish drinking. She feels nauseous.

MATILDA I have to talk to Don Fortunato.

SISTER NUNZIA He said this evening.

(pause) You haven’t eaten today either.

The nun rests Matilde’s head on her cheek.

SISTER NUNZIA (CONT’D) You have a fever.

The nun pulls up her sweatshirt. Matilde blocks her.

SISTER NUNZIA (CONT’D) You have to change yourself, you’re sweaty.

Matilde lets her do it, she doesn’t have the strength to oppose.
She is now bare-chested.
Her back is covered in tattoos.
The nun looks at them for a moment, but she turns serious again to Matilde.

SISTER NUNZIA (CONT’D) Why don’t you eat?

MATILDASaint Catherine did it too.

(pause) She stopped eating when she talked to God.

SISTER NUNZIA Ah, Saint Catherine!

(pauses) We all talk to God, or to Our Lady, but not in that way…

Matilde lowers her gaze, touches her tattoos, a gesture as if to try to hide them.

Sister Nunzia looks at the girl’s whole body. They are drawings of leaves, flowers and disturbing-looking Japanese demons.

SISTER NUNZIA (CONT’D) What do they mean?

The nun waits for a response, while she hands her a black sweater. Matilde tries to find the courage to answer.

MATILDA I designed them…

They ward off evil.

The two women look at each other, they are very different in that moment.

Someone knocks on the door and, without waiting for the invitation, enters.

It’s Don Fortunato, out of breath, apprehensive.
He looks at the nun with serious eyes, while Matilde adjusts her sweater.

SISTER NUNZIA She has a bit of fever, she’s tired.

Matilde tries to say something to the priest, but she is interrupted with a sharp gesture by the man. She thought she would find him ready to listen to her, but instead he quickly blocks her.

DON FORTUNATOSister Nunzia, please leave us alone.
The woman looks at the priest and the girl, then she leaves the room.

The priest takes a chair and moves it in front of the bed where the girl is sitting. He looks straight into her eyes.

DON FORTUNATO (CONT’D) Where were you last night?

MATILDEAt the collapsed Sanctuary…

Read the interview to Cristian Patanè:

ARDORE – Screenwriting extract, take 27

Written by Cristian Patanè, Andrea Paolo Massara, Ilaria Macchia

all right reserved REDVELVET SRL

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