Flat White (20/20)

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Samira I have questions I’m afraid to ask like what does it mean je traverse du sein au téton which I translated first as from breast to tit like a girl coming out ontological shift the discovery of eros and then later as something /\ else I’m afraid to ask after the ratio of banal to dramatic in your day or your year /\ my fear \/ soft like a cat that swings its tail //\ in irritation while asking to be pet.  


{ 9 }

You have to multiply the word mountain by quick and avid breaths retain that which might resemble an oxygenic dizziness like a veritable frontier between the states of mourning and of resurrection.  


Samira Negrouche (Algeria, 1980 -)

Flat White (20/20), 2016, Coffee House Press

translated by Anna Moschovakis    


Read more (the poem is composed by 20 parts): http://bombmagazine.org/article/9131127/flat-white-20-20  

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