the 2016 with us


Pavia, New York, Florence, Milan, Paris, Aosta, Venice, Bruxelles, Padova, Antigua Guatemala, Mexico City, Borsa, Dubai, Rome, Leeds, Treviso, Mestre, London, Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Berlin, Auckland, Sydney, Naples, Jinja, Toulouse, Oakland, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Succivo, Figureas, Bologna, Ischia, Turin, Ghazni, Lampedusa, Pesaro, Gehlberg, Licata, Rho, Rio de Janeiro, Hobart, Melbourne, Moscow …By reading us, you met people and places from more than 60 cities in 2016 – a journey just beside their hearts.


They are our people from this world.


Their and our slow words are committing to the same aim: to feel and achieve the qualities of life and dreams at any latitude without any discrimination or border.


We read and translate for you poets, writers and songwriters from further more cities. Often unpublished, our selected literature browses any literary tradition and any century with a special interest for authors at their first novel.


On the year 2016 we also brought again our fans in very unusual places in order to let them know in person the writers we interviewed and select while tasting good food and listening to good music. Our readers’ club are a joy and always free.


Our true stories are giving you new perspectives. Nobody will collect the same stories we do.

We, people of this world, can make a difference.


Slow Words People and Stories from this World needs your support on 2017 and your donation to our charity stands as a work of art and will secure this free podium generating literature from the real life for another year.


Watch our (video) gift to you (20.04’)


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