34 Poems about Love

Behind the jars of medicine,

the drugs and sleeping pills

and my fading Icon memorising you,

in the mirrored bathroom cabinet

you’ll find an ebon pipe

that puts my mind to rest,

please bring the pipe and image now

and blow with your healing breath

notes of silence in your loving kiss

and hold me if you might

while urgent shivers chill phobias

in my inner eye and hold my judderings

tell me how to sleep,

show me inertia this night

with your lips and love

and only whisper nothing

in my inner ear

to smother this


and I’ll forgive you the same,

mending you, when you are insane.

*’verruchteit’ German: madness

Henry Virgin, from 34 Poems about Love

Cover: Renate Bertlmann at 58th Venice Art Biennale (Austrian Pavilion)

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