Conversations with the Artist (1)


I’ve always felt as if I were in a cage.

If I stick out an arm, I’m seeing as wanting

and taking. A leg: my violence is noted.

When I mentioned the suffocation by

my father, they made it autobiographical.

The subtext of my work in iron has been

ignored, lost in discussion of time, not space.

What you’ll never understand about

installations is that everyone else is always

outside of them. I’m stuck inside. The move

toward deliberate transience is the mark of a fool.

If disappearing is inevitable, you must fight it.

No one misses the prisoner.

The bars are like a frame: you want in

as much as I have always wanted out.



Rebecca Morgan Frank (USA), from The spokes of Venus, Canergie Mellon University Press, 2016 (source Poetry Foundation)


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The cover images is a frame of an artwork by Michal Rovner (Anubis, Video/Film) on show at Art Basel Unlimited 2017

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