Corpo Scorsoio (The Body Slipknot)

As soft lianas your limbs

invite me gently.

All of a sudden they cling to me

and tighten up.

Vigorous ivy

Tangle of twists

and tensions

that eats away the bark

and slowly

and easily

digs in.

I smother…

She digs in.


Piero Mastroberardino


Corpo Scorsoio is part of:

All’origine dei Sensi, 2014, IT 96 pages, ISBN 978-88-7433-990-7, Edizioni Tracce “I nuovi ossimori” collana di poesie diretta da Plinio Perilli

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The cover artwork is a drawing by the author, part of a trilogy, Silente (2014), exhibited during a collective show in Italy, Capri, on July 2014.

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