Don’t Be So…

Fucking stupid intransigent prejudiced politically correct

Faded pound foolish debauched unconvincing desolate

Emotional significantly docile manipulable greedy morbid naked


Verbal mental genitally obsessed needy flirty matey pally bloated

Ill mannered bad tempered slovenly soppy sly


Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so fucking stupid.


Paul Fryer, Don’t Be So, page 153

(the illustration of Don’t Be So… is a photograph by Damien Hirst, 2001)


Don’t Be So (ISBN 0-9542079-2-0) is the first book of poems by Paul Fryer, published by Trolley Ltd. Each poem is illustrated by Damien Hirst’s collages, photomontages and photographs. All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted or stored without permission from Trolley Ltd.


Slow Words wishes to thank the authors and Trolley for their kind permit to publish the poem.

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