Enrico Berto, entrepreneur and patron

What kind of encounters do you have when working? And when taking care of the business association you chair? (The ‘young’ section of Confindustria [Confederation of Italian industries] of the Veneto region, editor’s note)

I meet people who deal with technical supplies for catering. Working almost all over the world I’ve had the chance of meeting people of many nationalities and it’s fantastic to discover in how many ways the same job can be done.

As president of the ‘young’ section of Confindustria Veneto, I meet people coming from various institutions or from the academic world, and they’re always people with exceptional skills: The challenge is to manage to create “system” out of all these relationships.

And when engaged with culture, for example in the last tour of the Campiello prize around Italian cities, or else during the closing ceremony of Campiello Giovani (where 500 writers between 15 and 22 years old were competing by sending a short story)?

Time is limited for this kind of activity, and it’s a real shame. I was very much taken by the complexity and the originality of the works, there is no lack of talent, nowadays the difficulty is to persevere, without looking for funds, we must make it by our own resources, it’s crucial.

What does society do for you?

I’d say that it has almost done everything: it has taught me, educated and I can say I’ve been very lucky until now, I’ve also had around me a lot of understanding and encouragement. I can’t but be thankful.

What do you do for society and for the city you live in?

I try to be a good citizen and I feel amongst my duties also the duty to participate actively in the political and cultural life.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always supported social, sporting and cultural activities.

My city is of unique beauty, as Veneto as a whole is, and it’s only fair to remind that Shakespeare located five of his plays here. Perhaps that was the period of ultimate splendor, but the artistic heritage has reached us intact.

Something remarkable which happened to you recently?

I spent a week in Spain to take part in a Surf course. Being not so young anymore it wasn’t easy, but I had a great time.

A culinary passion?

Natural food, without chemical additives.

Which wine/drink do you prefer?

White wine, possibly scented white wine.

The music or book that accompanies you at the moment?

“Rete Padrona” by Federico Rampini, to try and understand something about the intrusiveness of new technologies in our life’s….

A talent you have and one you’re missing

Perseverance, a lot; security, I’d like to have more of it.

How do you manage to have a ‘slow’ life?

With time I’ve learnt to use the brake and not only the accelerator.

What have you learnt until now form life?

That we’re hanging on a thread: Let’s hope it holds.

Translation by Paolo Witte

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