I want to be alone

Tired of all things,

Of noise and city mess,

Of people, of my everyday duty,

I need loneliness.

Exhausted from everything,

From odd patience,

From the tolerance

to the world rotations,

I need to be far away from me.

So many parties, so many meetings,

I hate nonsense and idle speeches,


I go to my own world

Yet, nearby, a yesman says his word

Full of praise and

praise and praise,

Sincere words are less and less,

No more pride in so many faces,

Then, hatred permeates my bones,

I say to myself “God damn it!”

Take it easy,

You need to be alone.

When with everyday care,

The world`s unfair, overfills my heart,

I’m depressed by merriment and wedding.

I want to run away from the poor and wealth,

From endless ceremonies.

Just, simply to take the flute,

And play the song of loneliness.

When I’m desperate I close my eyes

And strive for loneliness at any chance.
Solitude –
The summit of my wits’ ends.
Solitude –
The reality of my dreams.

Hamlet İsaxanlı (1948-), Baku – translated from Azeri by Firangiz Nasirova



From: http://hisaxanli.org/books/poetik%20tercumeler_in_frangiz_nesirovanin_tercumesinde.pdf


Cover Image: Neil Beloufa, Data for Desire (2014), video-47’39’’min. Courtesy of the-artist. On show at Yarat in the exhibition The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Baku, until January 9, 2016

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