Our readers’ clubs in Venice and Pavia: the Beat Generation

 Slow Words People and Stories from this World will land live – in flesh and blood – in Venice (IT) for its third readers’ club: save this date, Tuesday October 13, 2015 from 7 pm in the Salon and Library at Aman Venice. And on October 15 (at 9 pm) at Sala Conferenze del Broletto, Piazza Vittoria, Pavia.

The Beat Generation American Laureate Poet Jack Hirschman (1933) and his poet wife Agneta Falk (Sweden, 1947) will be reading new lines and will be speaking about their experience, including the long friendship with Ferruccio Brugnaro (1936), Italian Beat Generation poet from Marghera and who extensively translated in English will join the reading and enrich the conversation with his experience. Both the friends and poets will be showing their latest publications in the Aman Library.

Slow Words founders and editors, Paolo Graziano and Diana Marrone, will introduce the poets and start the evening with a short interview in English with translation, and will be delighted to share an aperitivo and dinner after the event (see below for further details).

The sumptuous and romantic as the city itself 16th-century Palazzo Papadopoli on the Grand Canal – is home to museum-quality treasures including Tiepolo frescoes, gilded ceilings and centuries-old leather wall coverings. As for its glorious past (the home of one of the most important Venetian families) and as for its priceless present mentioned in this page, the stunning Salon and Library is the core of the city social life when hosting talks, events and book presentations. Aman Venice hosts also charity events such as the last Think Pink Dinner, signed by the Italian chef Davide Oldani, on October 11 to share awareness on the breast cancer initiatives all around the world (see below for further details).

Aman Venice has welcomed the invitation of the literary fanzine living in Venice to host recurring evenings dedicated to readings and ‘bits and pieces’ of scattered literature. Readings go hand in hand with the stories of people from this world, the Slow Words’ stories. Each week Slow Words (www.slow-words.com) selects stories for its readers who live the five continents: written in Italian and English, its stories are online since 65 weeks together with more than 100 poems and short stories (most of them unpublished) in original language, the poems translated in the two languages of the fanzine. Some of the selected poems are also in different Italian dialects – Venetian included.

Each Slow Words story is the – overarching – view of places, travels, preferences – in one word – of a style that reveals the undercurrent poetry present in all of our lives. Slow Words speaks from a perspective that does neither include capital letters or italics and research only the authentic qualities of those who have followed their calling and seek to live in ‘well-being.

As for any Weekly newsletter reaching more than 5400 readers all over the world, also for the readers’ club Slow Words shares visions and relations. The poetry and the short stories will bloom and happen by chance with the audience at Aman Library: a whisper mixed to songwriters lyrics shift the line on the savoured, mumbled, nipped, drawn word.

Slow Words thanks Aman Venice for the support.


Slow Words Readers’ Club with Jack Hirschman, Agneta Falk and Ferruccio Brugnaro

Where: Aman Canal Grande, Calle Tiepolo 1364, 30125 Venezia – waterbus: San Silvestro



Tuesday October 13, 2015

Talk&reading: 7-8 pm (free entrance, RSVP)

Drinks: from 7.30 (Euro 15 included dry snacks)

Dinner with the poets and Slow Words founders and editors: from 8.30 pm (RSVP, menù à la carte)

To book the free seat at the event (limited seats available) and to book the dinner on October 13, 2015 (25 seats): subscribe@slow-words.com

Thursday October 15, 2015

9 pm, Sala Conferenze del Broletto, Piazza Vittoria, Pavia – with Paolo Graziano, Simona Viciani, Dario Bertini in collaboration with Casa della Poesia

To learn more:

To know more about Jack Hirschman:


To know more about Ferruccio Brugnaro (Italian):


To know more about Agneta Falk:


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  1. karen Moller

    Dear Nora
    Please include us in the evening and dinner. I wrote the book Technicolor Dreamin’ the 1960 Rainbow and Beyond and also In Her Own Fashion which are both memoirs about the years of the Beat generation and the hippie times in San Francisco- New York – Paris and London. I would very much like to heard this talk and meet these people. I would like to come with my companion Alain Arias-Misson who is Visual Poet and has written many books. I tried to book on the link but it did not work perhaps because I am in France.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    karen Moller


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