The Power of Self-Movement

in a wide stance, wider than what is grounded upon.
the self handling of the universally thin-edged truth.
the turned away second-coming, mentally proposed.
within the view of Asia Minor, go Westward boy.
gone to the plane, to interlaced threads away from.
the crystallized, occasional twisting of self-soul.
protuberances of your emptied body, holistically.
a plane, straight as if released, conquers the postures.
of affected beneath, beneath the healing of fatality.
God, my God, you cannot kill me, when you are dead.

Efe Murat Balıkçıoğlu (Turkey, 1987), appeared in Jacket Magazine

The artwork is Barca Nostra, a migrants boat brought at 58th Art Biennale by Christoph Büchel (ph. Diana Marrone)

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