Take the road she took see where it goes


the strangest house on the block still stands

the little girl in the leaves is the love of my life


each blade of grass wrapped in gauze

commits our future happiness on memory.


All this alleged wishing to be lucky


if you cant’ squander talent well what can you do

with this stack of change in your pocket


catastrophes can’t be predicted only named in advance

everything means more than enough


Kate Lilley (Perth, Australia – 1960 -), from the book Versary (ISBN: 1876857153)


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Cover Image: Julio de Diego, River Patterns (platter, 1950). Stoneware, glazed, 2 1/4 × 19 1/4 × 12 1/4 inches. Stonelain, Associated American Artists, private collection. The artwork has been on show at The Grey Art Gallery at New York University in the collective exhibition: ‘Art for Every Home: Associated American Artists, 1934-2000’

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