Sea Sonnet


Green, grey and yellow, the sea and the weather
Instatiate each other and the spectrum
Turns in it like a perishable creature.
The sea is old but the blue sea is sudden.
The wind japans the surface. Like a flower,
each point of contact biggens and is gone.
And when it rains the senses fold in four.
No sky, no sea – the whiteness is all one.
So I have made a little moon-like hole
With a thumbnail and through a blade of grass
I watch the weather make the sea my soul,
which is space performed on by a space;
and when it rains, the very integer
and shape of water disappears in water.
Alice Oswald, The Thing in the Gap-Stone Stile, Oxford University Press, 1996; Faber and Faber 2007
Cover: Elmgreen&Dragset, Powerless Structure, artwork at Punta della Dogana, Venice (picture Diana Marrone)

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