I have a marvelous amazement for the trees branches which, by thinking about them, can seem all similar – are also we all similar and unique?


on the bedside table I do not own there are all the books I would have loved to read you just to close them in the middle of a sentence, because no books are worth a love.


I filled the coffee pot but I did not light it up. among the soaps I love I prefer just one but nothing prevents me to buy new ones, do you maybe prefer another one while I wash you? without blanks my caress would be. I was there to account for clouds and for sunsets. the dawns do not win my tossing even if they are so moving. and what about if you were waking me up? I would have gone for groceries with more interest, within the sake to taste each other.


nothing of this happens to be, indeed. each of us is busy to get lost in his own places. we get always lost in what seems familiar to us, isn’t it?


I wish to afford useless inattentions to rock you while a music sounds what it can. and we could get lost.


I admit my barriers, I took in account yours. I got surprised by ours.


when I get back home I am never late.


Samuele Papiro (Italy, 1980), translated from the Italian by Slow Words


This short story has been published as a caption of a polaroid picture awarded at Polaroid Art Italy (March 2015) in the ‘picture of the month’ section.

To follow Samuele’s pictures as the one published in the cover of this short story and to buy them: www.samuelepapiro.tumblr.com 

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