Sono sempre stato da una parte sola


It is not true, it is not true

that I am against everybody and everything.

This is false.

It is a wretched


to strike.

I have always been on one


this yes

I have always been with the miners

the more exploited


of the earth

of whom nobody speaks about anymore

I have always been with the farmers

the poorer

cuffed and murdered

thousands of times a day,

I have always been with my comrades

shift workers,

the comrades hacks for the contractors,

I have always been for a world that turns

this one

upside down

sad and without love.


Ferruccio Brugnaro (Mestre, Italy, 1936) – translation by Slow Words


Cover: Anish Kapoor and Alberto Giacometti at Proportio, Palazzo Fortuny; Venice until November 22nd, 2015
“Gathering Clouds”, 2014 “Le Cube”, 1934-1935, picture Jean-Pierre Gabriel

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