Undemanding Subscriber

A line at the post office counter:

you can subscribe to magazines about lifestyles, sports,

knitting, the world’s secrets, ancient times, botany,

psychology, extreme experiences.

In churches people try to subscribe to love, to success

in their exams, to the capitulation of growths, tumors,

and multiple sclerosis, to peace for the dead.

In yoga practice, people breathe deeply and subscribe to

stronger thighs, flexibility, a light in their eyes and mind.

I am memorizing a table of German personal pronouns:

Ich – mein(e)

Du – dein(e)

Er, es – sein(e)

Sie – ihr(e)

And I don’t need anything else.

But to domesticate a vagabond dog

            that has broken its pronoun leash –


Vaiva Grainytė (Lithuania, 1984 -), translated from Lithuanian to English by Rimas Uzgiris

Source: Vilnius Review, read our interview to Vaiva

Cover: a still from video from a Liam Gillick’s work on show at Museo Madre (Naples) and at Gallery Alfonso Artiaco (ph. Diana Marrone)

mayyouliveininterestingtimes, #BiennaleArte2019

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