Viola Romoli, art dealer and curator

The Pool  was founded in 2009 to promote avant-garde artists through a network of international exhibitions. Without an official gallery space, yet based in New York City, The Pool is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The necessity to be in one place and then quickly in another is a dominating influence in this century, and The Pool embraces that peripatetic nature.

Until June 30th, 2015 The Pool makes home from home at Palazzo Cesari Marchesi, a stunning estate close Campo Santa Maria del Giglio (Venice, Italy) with A Palace with a View, a collective exhibition with the occasion of 56th Art Biennale of Venice where the artists took inspirations by the rooms of the palazzo and their artworks are often site specific or keenly caged in the walls, perfectly merging the old – decadent and poetic – architecture.


Your story in 10 lines

I like the idea of continuing the story that art provides. For me the story began in Florence, where I was raised gaining a profound interest in Art history, thanks to my mother. Later, I was impacted by having worked at Guggenheim in three different cities (NY, Venice and Bilbao), and the museums capacity to transfer concepts on a global scale. Now, I feel that we are the generation of ‘between’. We are used to living in more than one place, and therefore, organizing our lifestyles between varying realities. These realities represent our past, present and future. Telling the story in these varying realities is what The Pool aspires to do.


Curating, producing, teaching. And founding a nomadic gallery in one of the hottest cities of the globe in terms of visual arts consumption and collection. Are you rootless by definition?

I am not at all. I was born and raised in Florence, but then later studied in Madrid, where I realized: I could be local on a global basis. When I spend some time in a place, I truly immerse myself in the present.


What is crucial in the arts you’re funding, producing and promoting? Why do you chose so differently by other galleries and which have been the steps to bring you on this decision after the collaboration with more traditional art dealers?

The decision to be itinerant is based on the availability of an increasingly global audience and their peripatetic nature. Furthermore, presenting a challenge for the artists in changing spaces is the most interesting or captivating of ways. Our current show in Venice “Palazzo con Vista” is a good example.


How difficult is it to start and keep on with an entrepreneurial activity today in your city, or even more in general? 

It is quite difficult, but it was even more so before. However, the challenge of creating ones own vision is also energizing and creates momentum.


Which encounters do you normally have in your daily work routine?

The routine is not to have a routine, but instead to find the solutions as given by the surroundings.


Which is the most important achievement after you started to work as art dealer? 

The greatest achievement that an entrepreneur can hope for is that s(he) can continue to do exactly what they are doing, and therefore, the simple fact that a steady and growing group of collectors follows us is what keeps us going, and continually satisfied.


How do you combine the slowness of the private life and the schizophrenia of your peculiar activity?

It’s hard for me to know the difference of when I’m working, and when I’m not, because I love what I do. Choosing to be surrounded by beauty helps to sweeten the tough and pedantic aspects of owning your own business.


A remarkable happening you have had recently?

There’s no specific happening that could speak for all of the unexpected moments of surprise and connection, which in essence is the most fantastic part – the surprise itself.


Can you share your favourite cooking passion?

My favourite way to cook is to cook with someone else.


Which is your favourite wine or drink?

If I have a choice, it would be the Bellini made at Harry’s Bar in Venice. Otherwise it’s sparkling water with lemon!



Which is the music or the book(s) with you now?

When I am in a certain place, I like to read a book that is connected to it. Currently I’m reading “Atti osceni in luogo privato” (Obscenes acts in private settings) by Marco Missiroli and “Un Giardino a Venezia” (A Garden in Venice) by Frederic Eden.


Which is a talent you have and the one you miss? 

My second business card refers to the office of Cupid. I love making connections! My missing talents… I’m too shy to mention!


What have you learnt from life until now?

What matters most, especially in this field, is the knowledge in itself. A real expert is one who has taken the time to learn his own field. As for the rest, life is beautiful with its ups and downs – it’s all part of the journey.


Cover Image: Adam Meredith

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