When I close my eyes

When I close my eyes

the breath becomes a cradle

from which thoughts soar/

in the early afternoon/

When the noises come from afar

the gaze meets the hot sun

that sets the waters on fire

and paints my face white

that resists the light.

When I close my eyes

it’s not me anymore

but a vague reminder of what I was

the warm image of a different body

wrapped in the beauty of life

that returns

light as then.

When I close my eyes

I understand everything

that I have stuck on the walls of the body

and the pieces fit together

they no longer do any harm.

An ancient smile drives through the flight

and my hands are like warm caresses.

Concetta Celotto (Italy) from Di Lama Affilata ed. LFA Publisher, 2021, EAN 9788833433790 translated in English by Slow Words

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