And there is that I would the sky elementary

azure as the seas of the atlases

the tersity of a pointer telling

this is the

land, the blue you see is the sea.



Pierluigi Cappello (Italy, 1967 – 2017), La misura dell’erba, Ignazio Maria Gallino Editore, Milano 1998, 2000 (translation by Slow Words)


To buy the book (Italian language): https://www.ibs.it/misura-dell-erba-libro-pierluigi-cappello/e/9788887196146


Cover: Marc Quinn, We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars, 2009, Oil on canvas, on view at Museum of Old and Modern Art (MONA) within the exhibition On the Origin of Art until April 17, 2017 (picture by Diana Marrone)

Discover more: https://mona.net.au/museum/exhibitions/on-the-origin-of-art

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