the 2015 with us

60 stories of people picked from every corner of this world. And 60 narrations and 120 poems – mostly unpublished.


3 communal dinners and a few readers’ club in Europe. Hundreds of places and tastes of life from everywhere.


We hope to have contributed to make your 2015 better – and your side of the world a better place to stay.


Our gift today is a video to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. 15 minutes x 365 days with our unusual images, places – and stories.


Watch or download the 2015 best of Slow Words People and Stories from this World here

And, please, do contribute to Slow Words to make it again happen on 2016.


Happy winter holidays!
Diana and Paolo – the editors



p.s.: The music we were listening to:

We like it slow and steady, Deadbeat (from But then again, 2004)

Nao Para, Bid (from Bambas and Biritas, 2004)

Gutted, Burial (from Burial, 2006)

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