I have two hearts

I have two hearts,
one gets sick, the other recovers,
one sleeps, the other wakes him up,
one smokes, the other coughs,
one asks for discounts, the other pays double,
one goes to hospitals for care, the other is hospitalized by bars
one likes one girl, the other likes the other one,
one says he is to blame, the other says he doesn’t know,
one says he has enough, the other has never enough,
one is silent, the other speaks always,
one is shy, the other is proud (of it),
one is exhausted, the other has not started yet,
one ask permissions, the other enters and that’s it,
one is always right, and the other too.
Gianni Solla (translation by Diana Marrone)
Cover: mixed media on canvas by Edmondo Bacci (Ca’ Pesaro, room 15)




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