Illegal Migrants

My family is a family of illegal migrants.
My ancestors traveled in the cargo holds of your ancestors
(without paying for the ticket)
they occupied the fields of Your People of America
(without paying rent)
harvested the cotton of the house lords
and squatted in black bodies
that belonged to your white ancestors.
Ancestors of mine recognized the gods
when your ancestors landed at the tierras de América
to confiscate them from the illegal occupiers.
One day my grandparents in Africa
one day my grandparents in Asia
ont découvert que la terre était à vos grands-parents.
Um dia os meus avôs acolheram os primos dos Vossos
huidos a América del hambre de Europa.
My parents and brothers have found a job
only thanks to your capitals
just to supply your markets.
From my ancestors I have inherited the illegal gene
and as an illegal migrant I came to your country.
Born in the territory of Illegaland
which belongs to those who were not born there,
I am an illegal migrant in the planet Earth.
Daniele Tommasini
(Special Mention Premio Nuove Lettere 1996, Naples)
The cover image has been seen at Artissima 2014 (Turin, Italy)
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
Faslane-Ceiba, 201412” vinyl record, edition of 250 published by Transmission Gallery

Cover image for record 1975 Drone over Vieques Sound.

Courtesy of the Artist and Galería Agustina Ferreyra, San Juan.

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