M.S. on MS. Mirage

Oh you move

through me like smoke

clinging to my clothes

stinging my eyes

your hair stacks up

like 45s on a Dansette

you make me fight myself

want to dance.

You’ve no idea

how perfect you are

right now


I appeal to sense

to the side that might compose

but the order just seems to

turn into elegy; chords rising

from the page

sweeping me up into dangerous ideas

like scent and the way you rest and dress

the way you hold your chest

Mm what a fucking flight of fancy


Maybe I’ll always be this way

reaching out in vanity, some might say

when everything I need is

tucked beneath my belt

no one has the right to be spoilt

loving you and it really is from afar

well it can’t be helped.

I just want you to know

that I mean it

before it wears off.



Paul Fryer, Don’t Be So, page 111, 112

(the illustration of M.S. on MS. Mirage is a photograph by Damien Hirst, 2002)


Don’t Be So (ISBN 0-9542079-2-0) is the first book of poems by Paul Fryer, published by Trolley Ltd. Each poem is illustrated by Damien Hirst’s collages, photomontages and photographs. All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted or stored without permission from Trolley Ltd.


Slow Words wishes to thank the authors and Trolley for their kind permit to publish the poem.

To buy the book online: http://trolleybooks.com/bookSingle.php?bookId=34

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