Note with protocol 868

While in the previous house, I was packing boxes for a month,

on each of them I wrote the content,

then the house movers arrived,

they’ve asked me, have we to remove this box with the label “Love failures between 1984 and 1999”?

and this one “Notes for novels’ characters”?

and this “Untold to my mum”,

there is not enough space, I told then,

give them to the church,

but at the end they moved all of them.

Now I live in a modern building,

I do not speak to any one,

I do my grocery in a deco* full of poor,

during night time I hear the alarms of the cars,

I open boxes,

I touch what is inside.


Gianni Solla


*(Decò, with the caps letter, is a discount supermarket chain in Naples area, note of the editor)

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