One day the Kurdish people

Death these days

dominates sarcastically

all over the earth.

      The heart of Kurdish children

          kneeling in these hours


               in a martyrdom

                and in a cruel


      Where do we hide one day

    when the Kurdish people

           will come down to the valley

                       in our cities

                           on our roads?

    Will we still stutter with arrogance

                              the international order

                     cohabitation, civil rules?

    Where do we hole up, how we’ll dodge

                                                 the shame….

    The Kurdish people one day

                       will come down from the mountains

                      with the weight of extermination

                                           on their souls

                       with the anguish of these nights

                              terrible and these snows

                       with glacial terror

                                       of pointed guns

                                  the bombs on the head

     How can we still mention 

                                                    the love

      how can we mention again

                                                      the life.

       There will be no shelter

                              we will not find any


        The Kurdish people will return


                                             one day….

       We will not find more, we will not find more

                          clarifications, explanations


Ferruccio Brugnaro (Italy, 1936 -), April 1991 – with Veit Laurent Kurtz

This poem has been sent to our editorial board via paper mail (when the recent turmoils between Syria and Turkey happened in October 2019) by the author who signed it in original and has been translated by Slow Words in English

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