Our suitcase

Over the past sixty weeks we have  suggested several different readings under the form of the poems and short stories we have read, selected and translated with you, for you. We are taking some weeks off, we’ll return with new stories from this world on August 27th. In the meanwhile, we are opening our suitcase full of books from which you may draw your own type (and language) selection: enjoy your summer readings!


Stoner (first edition in English, 1965, novel), John Williams

L’arte della gioia
(first edition in Italian, 1998, novel), Goliarda Sapienza

Brick Lane
(first edition in English, 2003, novel), Monica Ali


Prove di nuoto nella birra scura (first edition in Italian, 2015, poem collection), Dario Bertini


Le mur (first edition in French, 1939, short story collection), Jean-Paul Sartre


Bleu. Histoire d’une couleur (first edition in French, 2000, essay), Michel Pastoureau


Proportio, show catalogue (Palazzo Fortuny, Venice), MER Paper Kunsthalle Gent, 2015


Paroles (first edition in French, 1949, poems collection), Jacques Prévert

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