rivestrane (prologue)


By rivestrane the paper imbibes, pukes,

returns from oblique streets, to travel within waters,

to dissolve, to lay over tall shores,

to blow dust around, after a deaf bang on the soil,

upon other shores becoming estranged,

to free the voice in voices,

to call off.




jonida prifti (Albania, 1982-), prologue from rivestrane (poem, limited edition of 100, Italian/Albanian/French, euro 10), published with the kind permission of the author and translated in English by Slow Words


To buy the book and to know better the author: http://www.jonidaprifti.com/


To listen or to buy the audio version:










The cover image is a detail of Struttura per Sapone (2017), by Marta Margnetti (1989) awarded at Swiss Awards 2017 (Basel, Switzerland)

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