You are

like a blazing fire,

warm and dangerous

passionate and beautiful.

In the light of your flames

the night begins to dance.


You are

like the stormy sea

and like a glittering creek

after heavy rains.

Despair and enigma

dwell in your depths,

but on your foaming waves

dances sunlight

and hope is growing

at the shore of your tears.

Like the earth,

your mother

you are, beloved comfortress.

Understanding and strong

an elementary power to the soul.

I feel at home

under your foreign skies.



I don’t have the courage

to cross your way.

But without you, my sister

I don’t want to be anymore.


(2014, translation of the author) 
The illustration is a Slow Words picture taken during a visit at Chelsea Physic Gardens (London) where this poem has been read again and finally selected for your readings.

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