Slow Words summer party, July 15 in Venice (IT)

Slow Words People and Stories from this World will land live – in flesh and blood – in Venice (IT) for its fourth readers’ club in town: this time is a very special occasion for the Venetian literary blog, presenting its new cultural and social cohesion association Amici di Slow Words and celebrating a special place, the Certosa Island park, hosted by Vento di Venezia that transformed 24 hectares in the heart of the city in a port for boats, especially sailing ones, and in the most beautiful (and the widest) public part of the historical city.


When? On Friday July 15th, 2016. From 6 pm, a special program of living stories, literature and music (by Dj Carlo Natale).

Slow Words will interview who created the Vento di Venezia, Alberto Sonino, together with other Venetians (and not) who live Venice everyday – and keep it alive – every day of the year. We will talk also with Milanese born and Venetian resident designer Daniela Cometti, who started exactly at Certosa with her artisanal workshop producing bags from discarded sails and jurtas (Mongolian house/tents). Daniela will also premiere her new summer gauze bags collection at Slow Words Summer Party. And we will talk also with Caterina Perali, from Treviso, who studied in Venice and will introduce her first novel, Crepa (13Lab Editore).


How the interviews will take place? Live, sitting in the park, with the style of the interviews Slow Words publishes each week in English and Italian: half way between biographies, dreams and professional ambitions, it looks for hidden poetry in who, at any latitude, men, women, adolescents unknown to the public, who aren’t leaning towards “becoming someone” but more towards a “well-being,” towards sharing, and the collective knowledge. Through their stories, their lives, we will discover what “the art of living” tastes-like today, at all latitudes: ‘Crossing the street to run away from home – only a boy does that. But this man, who roams the streets all day long – he’s not a boy anymore, and he does not run away from home‘ (Cesare Pavese, Hard Labor).


Many other writers will be present with their books at our summer party. Or as special ‘readers’ of the stories of others as Alberto Della Rovere, Vicenza based writer and editorial director who will read some pages of ‘Crepa’ he had chosen together with Perali and will also sign the copies of his last books, as Dialogo con Enrico Palandri (Saecula). Alberto is one of the souls of Casa delle Parole, a very intriguing Venetian group of readers who gather once a month with open sessions.


Slow Words is a fanzine that speaks (and can be read) as a landscape: from people to people. And it invites you to support it, by buying an annual membership or a drink. The happy hour is designed with care by Slow Words with natural food and is served from 6 pm within a small offer.

From 7 to midnight, after the Slow Words live interviews, the party will continue with live music and dj, reading in English, Italian, Venetian, by choosing among the (often unpublished) lines the blog finds and translate since two years. The live interview is by Diana Marrone, editor and founder of Slow Words, who also curates the event. To know more about Slow Words:


The stories that Slow Words ( selects each week for its readers located in the five continents, in English and in Italian, are online since 100 weeks, together with more than 250 poems and short stories (mostly unpublished) that are always in original language and translated in the two languages of Slow Words – often translated also from Italian regional dialects (Venetian included).


Each Slow Words story is the – overarching – view of places, travels, preferences – in one word, of a style that reveals the undercurrent poetry present in all of our lives. Slow Words speaks from a perspective that does neither include capital letters or italics, nor the opinions of imaginary or self-proclaimed experts, nor the choices of politicians and other public figures. Slow Words researches only the authentic qualities of those who have followed their calling and seek to live in ‘well-being.

As for any Weekly newsletter reaching more than 5400 readers all over the world, also for the readers’ club Slow Words shares visions and relations. The poetry and the short stories will bloom and happen by chance with the audience at Parco dell’Isola della Certosa: a whisper mixed to songwriters lyrics shift the line on the savoured, mumbled, nipped, drawn word.   Slow Words thanks Vento di Venezia for the benevolent hospitality.  


Slow Words Party – self-financing party

Where: Isola della Certosa, Casa dell’Ortolano e parco

How to get there: waterbuses 4.1/4.2 until 9 pm; waterbuses 5.1/5.2 until 11.30 pm, f stop: Certosa

4.1 from Ferrovia to Certosa at minutes 9, 29, 49 (50 minutes ride, last at 8.09 pm).From Piazzale Roma 5 minutes later

4.2, from Fondamenta Nove  to Certosa at minutes 37. 57, 17 (15 minutes ride, last one at 8.37 pm).

Our program starts at 6 pm, do not loose it!

From Certosa to Fondamenta Nove 5.1 at 8.45, 9.15, 9.45, 10.15, 10.45, 11.15 pm

From Certosa to Lido at 9.17, 9.47, 10.17, 10.47, 11.17 e 11.47

From 11 pm , free shuttle Certosa-Sant’Elena (organized by Vento di Venezia, rsvp mandatory at +39 320 658 3454).


Free mooring spots for small canal boats are available (on the side of canale delle Vignole, moore at the end where the door of the park is).  

When:   Friday July 15th, 2016, from 6 pm to midnight  

At Casa dell’Ortolano:  

Live interviews From 6 to 7.30 pm   Reading, music, dj: from 7.30 until midnight  

Happy hour: from 6 to midnight (from Euro 5 with snack)

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