Supersymmetry . . . relates every known particle to a partner that has a different spin and much greater mass. (from “Scientific American”)

To every gesture of yours I see,
to every word you hear
is bound a weight much greater
that hangs in darker air
is bound a shade that mimics light
with faithless symmetry,
distorts embraces, blackens words,
clouds all clarity
for all I see when I watch you now
is the shadow side of the glow,
and from your face, it’s easy to tell
how you weight my words, how you know
that partnered to giving is turning away,
that desire brings desire to deny, betray
that love can defeat its own bright force
with its own bitter symmetry
Susan McMaster (Canada, 1950 – ) from “Dark Galaxies” (Ouroboros,¬†Ottawa, 1986)


Cover: A bunker concrete staircase (Boros Collection, Berlin), ph. DM, 2015

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