The Last Smile


She sat beside me yesterday
with lip, and eye, so blandly smiling,
so full of soul, of life, of light,
so sweetly my lorn heart beguiling
that she had almost made me gay
had almost charmed the thought away
which, like the poisoned desert wind,
came sick and heavy o’er my mind)
That memory soon mine all would be,
and she would smile no more for me.


John Ruskin (London, 1812 – Coniston, 1900)



Cover: Petrit Halilaj, Untitled (celebration), 2013 Courtesy of the artist and Chert, Berlin

The solo exhibition of the artist – Space Shuttle in the Garden, curated by Roberta Tenconi – is at Hangar Bicocca (Milan) until March 13, 2016

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