Valeria Parrella, writer

Your story in a few lines

Receiving a bachelors’ degree in literature I learned sign language and thought of becoming a teacher or an interpreter. But from the age of six I wrote, I was pretty good at composition and when I ended up following a seminar on writing at my university the others would photocopy my short stories. So at 26 years old I ended up writing one while working as a librarian at feltrinelli in Naples and sent it to minimum fax. They published it, the collection obtained success, and I became a writer.

Joys and pains of working as a writer

Great freedom in writing and in submitting my texts. A lot of questions on the job. You choose to which category my answers belong to.

Tell us about a special/unexpected/moving meeting

Naom Chomsky: I gave him my last book in which he was quoted. And a Milanesian dinner with Wim Wenders: he had just read one of the unpublished stories of mine, and he said to me: lovely reading!

What does society do for you?

It recognizes a talent in me.

What do you do for society?

The mother, the citizen, the writer. Then, I sometimes directly engage in politics.

A beautiful event which has occurred to you recently?

There was the moon, the 10h of August, full and closer to the Earth than usual.

A culinary passion

Raw seafood.

Your favorite drink

Still, dry red wine.

Where do you live and where would you like to live?

In Naples, in Naples.


The music or a book that is with you

The ‘Canti’ by Leopardi

A talent you have and one you’re lacking

I’m patient, I’m not modest.

What have you learnt from life?

To never ask myself that question.

Translation by Paolo Witte

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