Via Lucis


no hay hornos suficientes en el mundo

para que reduzcas a cenizas las abejas y las flores de mi alma

porque el fuego eterno es mi corona

cada horno me inflama y me crece

mis arquitectos son las llamas.



No expreso.

Escribo para crear el silencio.

La escritura es ante todo silencio.

Te escribo para hacer silencio.

Acepto sobrevivir así



Ovens are not enough in this world

to make ash of the bees and the flowers of my soul

because the eternal flames are my crown

each oven sets me on fire and I grow

flames are my architects




Without putting in words.

I write to create the silence.

Writing is before all the silence.

I write you to make silence.

I also accept to outlast




Angelica Liddell (Figueras – Spain, 1966), from Via Lucis, published by Solitaires Intempestifs, Contintametienes – original language: Spanish, translation in French (ISBN 978-2-84681-465-2) – translation in English by Slow Words

To discover more about the ouvre and of what it consists (and to buy it):


Image cover:  House Fire, 2013 by Geoff George, Detroit, MI. This postcard is awarded at the competition held for the American Pavilion at 15th Venice Architecture Biennale (until November 27, 2016)



We’ve interviewed (in Spanish and translated in English and Italian) Angelica Liddell. She will have an open talk with the audience in Italy (Venice, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale) on August 9, 2016 at 4 pm (free entrance) and will perform with her students in No tengas miedo at the Theatre Tese (Venice) on August 12 at 7.30 and 9 pm



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