VIII page 102

I surrender to the absurd
which is accomplished by chewing
impatience in the first light
finding a way to hide
as if it were necessary
to narrow oneself to discouragement
I surrender to the loves served
with the colors of the earth that
surround the cities
what else can I do
if not to wander every time
I surrender like someone who goes away
or like an explosion that freezes
the heart with the terror spread on the fingers that to lick them you don’t notice anymore

Giorgio Anastasia (Italy, 1972) from Fondazione collection – translation from Italian by Slow Words

The cover picture of this poem is from author student photographer Iva Donati who took part in a workshop lead by Diana Marrone (Slow Words) at CFI (Centro Fotografia Indipendente) founded by Mario Spada, Biagio Ippolito and Luca Anzani in Naples – an unconventional photography school where Slow Words and Fondazione editorial team partnered to issue a booklet of postcards in which the students freely chose to associate their photo projects to Anastasia’s poems.

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