Caroline, pr

Your story in a few lines

I was born in Versailles, France. My childhood was plenty of happiness and I had the chance to see my parents in love. My mum helped me a lot in shaping my future: she did all the things to push me up towards my choices. My dad taught me the importance of values.

I went to Cambridge to get my degree to apply for Air France Vip and Communication management: trainings, events and new projects design.

My life has been in Paris but I travelled a lot. Meanwhile I graduated in Interior Design after my training at Ecole Boulle. There were also happy times as when we opened an Italian fabrics show-room (Fornasetti), then a second show-room and a creation of a new brand on the French market, VI-Spring Luxury Beds. Then the French interior design fair Maison&Objet asked me to organize a new concept, The Club.

With it I could offer different kind of services to customers with my conciergerie, from gathering events to national and international exhibitions….Now in my life there is Venice, and a website while I still free-lance as PR and I offer consultancies, development of new projects, etc…


The world of pr today is slow and furious at the same time: what happened to your profession and which are the counter-actions you’ve decided to take?  

My job unfortunately was the first post cancelled when, during the big crisis, many companies had chosen to save only others sectors of activities. PR seem not necessary – whereas logistics, production, marketing were felt as totally crucial. That’s why my different job as interior designer and manager helped me to go through the drastic change of scenario occurred to my first profession.


You travelled all over the world and worked very hard, then decided to move in a quieter city and differentiate your tasks. Is this a consequence of how a ‘noble art’ as public relation management changed in these latter times or is simply a desired life shift?  

Actually it was a choice I took ten years ago and of course I did all the shifts to pursue it. I first went to school to learn Italian (in Venice) and travelled a lot between Paris and Venice to go on with my activity about the creation of the Vip Club. However, I made up my mind to change my perspective because of the crisis.


How is hard to start and keep a new activity as yours in Venice?  

First, when you decide to settle your new activity, it is all about to learn how the city goes and to observe the way of living. You understand and you adapt yourself to fine-tune the right level of your activity. Mine is to give my competences at the right fare, which is not easy. Obviously, here you can find an open aptitude on the international level but a very secluded interaction on the local side. Also, each sector is compartmented and it does not happen that you can really easily mix Venetians and foreigners. You have to network separately through each community. And you need to be very patient and to give time the things to grow. Venice is a small village and you have to be very careful with two level of environments – the social and the natural.


Which encounters do you normally have in your daily work routine?

Usually I work every day with the staff and my providers to define the details to manage the clients’ needs.

An event requires to be served on time and obviously has to embody the best service according to the available budget, so that’s why is so important to pay attention to details plus to the way you react, behave and interact prior and post it.


Which is the most important achievement after so many years as pr?

To create and widespread the best image to the people with respect to the events, and/or the companies you worked with. You have to be always clever to ‘feel’ and to ‘know’, of course to have the right culture to sparkle relations with the right persons at the right moment. Above all, you have to reach and give a feeling of kindness and a very well done job embodying a good ethic and the sense of strong values.


Describe a fantastic happening you, as person, have had in recent time?  

When I sold my flat in Paris two years ago, I didn’t have any idea to whom. I was invited by the new owners to have a dinner in one of their restaurants, I had an incredible evening with Omar Sharif and his son and later on had a drink to celebrate his 81th birthday. I have been happy to feel that my flat has been bought by nice people. This has been a great time and is still a nice recall.


What your city is giving to you and vice versa?  

I speak of Venice, actually. I guess Venice choses you: it is peaceful, full of serenity, energy, it is mysterious…and of course, I’m fairly alike to those qualities. I feel at home. Venice is “un lieu de villegiature“.


Can you share your favourite cooking passion?

Pasta with fish, shells and vegetables.


Which is your favourite wine or drink?  

Champagne and grapefruit juice


Which is your music or the book(s) with you now?

Simply Red. And Corto Maltese.


In which way do you try to live “slowly”, if you like to do so, in a city as yours?

I’m looking at the canal each morning, having my breakfast on my terrace plus going au fil de l‘eau along the day with this feeling.


Which is a talent you have and the one you miss?  

I feel the talent I have is the creation of ideas – my mind is full of …but unfortunately I don‘t have any talent with my hands as an artist…


What have you learnt from life until now?  

You are on your own. Life is your partner; you have to deal with it, you can choose and build your real moments. Many signs help you to be on the right way. I should say you can decide to be happy or not. The most important thing is to be deeply in harmony with yourself. I’m really happy with my career which has in fact meant creations, projects, and new initiatives all the time. To be always situated at the beginning of an experience provides you joie de vivre and plenty of wealth. Relationship and family are keys to be successful.



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