Dear Robin,

Dear Robin,                                                                                                                                 October 2012
I think I can relate to practically every word you write. I force myself to work, and besides that there are, of course, my lessons in Hungarian with Esther the teacher, for my application for a Hungarian passport. I’m reading a book about Communists in Hungary during World War 2. The author, Sandor Marai, writes of how he became indifferent: “I realized I had become indifferent to everything. Indifference is a dangerous thing. It is immoral and a contradiction to life. Until then, I had never been indifferent. I lived one thing or another, in my own way, but I had never known indifference. I looked at myself and then looked around, and was amazed at what had happened to me. Only later did I realize: I had become indifferent because I was constantly surrounded by evil, stupidity, and injustice.”

I read that and thought about life here, about the people surrounding me, and about myself. I thought about how the evil, the stupidity and the injustice surrounding us aff ect us, and how, if at all, I can protect myself from them.


This text is part of Hush, by Noa Ben-Shalom, ISBN 978-09943373-3, Sternthal Books (Hush was just nominated for best first Photo Book of the year by the Aperture Foundation)

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