It almost seems…


It almost seems to slide down, yet you own pretty steady roots.

I wave,

this is true,

you exploit this, you already conduct

through slippy bursts of deboned days.

I will learn to astound you with the dew in the whispers.



Filippo Parodi (Italy, 1978), translation by Slow Words


from Per te soltanto bambino Frammenti di emisferi e Tapping Ninna-Nanne © 2018 Polimnia Digital Editions,

ISBN: 978-88-99193-47-8 – ISBN-A: 10.978.8899193/478 (Italian Language), free download

(The poems collected in Per te soltanto, bambino… don’t have title: the titles we translated and published are, as per their original version in Italian, the first verse noted for publishing needs)

Image cover: Alberto Gianfreda, Via Lattea (2013) – detail (ph. Diana Marrone)

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