Food for Thought





PAUL continues watching RAY as he eats. He is clearly focusing on him and bothered by him.(SFX)


RAY is trying to squeeze some ketchup on his fries, but there is none left in the bottle (SFX).


PAUL suddenly is in front of him, he just walked up to RAY’s table and with determination puts a ketchup bottle on RAY’s table and he sits down in front of him.(END SFX)


RAY stops eating and looks around. PAUL looks straight at him.


RAY Eh… thanks…


PAUL No problem. Enjoying your meal?


RAY I sure am.

Detail of RAY’s hand, squeezing some ketchup on the fries



PAUL It’s a pity about that bust up in Knoxville…


RAY Yeah…


PAUL … one minute you’re here… next…

(Start wrist watch SFX)


PAUL looks at the watch (detail)


RAY looks straight back at PAUL.



… you’re gone.


RAY is perplexed.


CUT TO MOLLY. She brings JOHN his meal and he smiles at her, now focusing on his food: fried chicken with fries, peas and gravy. Behind her we notice a White Rabbit poster from Alice in Wonderland.


PAUL Do you remember the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?


RAY Excuse me?


PAUL He’s running because he’s always late.


RAY now becomes defensive, leans back.


PAUL (Imitating) “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date, no time to say goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”…


RAY is not impressed. Toughens up a little.


RAY What’s your problem, man?


CUT TO PHILIP. He is mopping the floor and looking at them.


PAUL (Slightly cheerful) This rabbit, he’s gotta chill out you know? Just stop for a second, little bunny, or you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack!


RAY (Irritated) Are you listening to yourself?




Food for Tought (12’20’’), direction Davide Gentile, Story Davide Gentile, screenplay Guen Murroni – Banjo Eyes Films 2015



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