Mariana, custodian


Your story in ten lines

I am born in 1978 in Borşa (Transilvania), a small Rumanian town (27,000 inhabitants). I have good memories of that period, I am raised with seven brothers and three sisters. A big family, with which I stay until the end of the ‘90s. In high school I study tailoring and finish my studies at the end of the ‘90s. Then I marry and slightly after I move to Italy, towards the beginning of the 2000s. In order to come to Italy I leave behind my two children. Once in Italy, I first live in Pavia, with my sister, and then start working in Milano first as a labour worker in a factory and then as a janitor. Now I am a custodian.


Ups and downs in your work as a custodian?

It is a job I like, although sometimes it does not leave me quiet. At times, there is really a lot to do, and there also people who are not easy to understand. You know, sometimes it is really difficult to work with people. And this happens because they complain about me, want more and sometimes they disrespect me.



What is Milan doing for you?

It is a beautiful city that gave me a job and everything else.


What are you doing for Milan?

I work hard, I do everything I have to, I pay taxes – I do everything I am have to.


Something nice that happened to you recently

I just finished renovating a house in Borşa, I bought it three years ago. I demolished it and then rebuild it entirely. Now the house is all done.


A culinary passion

Baked pasta with lots of béchamel.


Your favorite beverage

Coca-cola and Sprite, carbonated drinks more in general.


Music and/or books that are currently in your life

Lucio Dalla, Tiziano Ferro, Albano e Romina. I really like them, Currently I am not reading books.


A talent you have and one you miss.

I am really talented in cooking, together with housekeeping. I would like to be able to sing.


What did you learn from life?

I learned to respect people and to respect the way of like of everyone.


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