Piero, freelance designer

Your story in ten lines


I am a 57 years old fashion designer. I work for brands and companies located all over the world. I started in 1983 just by chance. I left medicine studies and was not clear to me what I wanted to do. Then they offered me the opportunity to work in a clothing company in Veneto, and that’s how it started. Six years ago I started being interested in photography and now it is my main passion.



Is photography for you a instrument to decode reality, an artistic medium or a(nother) way to tell stories (such as design and fashion)?


Photography is an instrument to know reality, to get conscious of the environment I live in. Also a way to tell it.



Can you tell us more about the new brainchild SP3, the new gallery you and a group of friends opened on November 1st in Treviso (Veneto Region, Italy), in Via San Pancrazio 3? How is the cultural vibe in Treviso and how do you imagine it once SP3 will be more known?


Gallery SP3 is born with the shared aim to have a space in Treviso where it is possible think and create ideas, to know and to diffuse our reality. It is above all devoted to photography and architecture, both “arts” dealing with the space where mankind acts.

We grouped more than 40 people for this project and they contribute – either with their commitment and with their financial help – to the life of the initiative. We hope more persons will be involved in the future. We are 100% self-financed. We wish to present ten exhibitions per year and many other cultural activities – screenings, workshops, meetings with authors. We wish to become a cultural aggregator, we wish to let people think, we wish to grow and to let our activity growing.

After 20 years of administration ruled by (the regionalist political party) Lega, cultural life in Treviso has been practically erased and actually we do not detect encouraging signals after the change of the local administration. We therefore hope that SP3 will contribute to inject new life in Treviso and will be the kick-off of a new cultural season.



Which encounters do you normally have in your daily work?


When I work (as a fashion designer) I often meet interesting and amusing people but quite often also very banal and boring ones. Almost every time I prefer those people met in the ordinary life, not during work. That’s when I can choose, during the work I am obliged.



Describe a something extraordinary you had in recent times?


Having started the SP3 adventure.



Can you share your favourite cooking passion?


Pasta, in every form.



Which is your favourite wine or drink?


A byodinamic Slovenian Ribolla Gialla (white wine).



The music or a book that is/are currently with you?


Abbiamo sempre vissuto nel Castello”, by Shirley Jackson.



A talent you have and one you’re missing?


I am sincere: I do not know.



What are your methods for living a “slow” life?


To work as less as possible and to dedicate my time to what I like and to to be lazy.



What have you learnt from life until now?


To never bewail, to appreciate what I have instead of feeling frustrated for what I do not have. To not allow negative situations affect the positive ones.

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