untitled (from rivestrane)

a word

kept in the mouth

you lick the edges

the teeth you move

now dry

yesterday blond and rounded

you the seamstress of time

overturn the world

the deluges out of the way

cling where you are

close to a man with no head

printed on the grid exercise book

his eyes with no veil

on the border of the recall

a name overturning the dream

on the fire with stretched hands

the fog blurs the sight

he unmasked

dreams of silk mattresses

under the paws

you look at

– eyes as lightings


jonida prifti (Albania, 1982-), extract by rivestrane (poem, limited edition of 100, Italian/Albanian/French, euro 10), published with the kind permission of the author (translation in English by Slow Words)

To buy the book and to know better the author: http://www.jonidaprifti.com/

To listen or to buy the audio version:







The cover artwork is a detail of Die Matratzen (2016/17, 4mx5) by Spitching Tobias (Switzerland, 1982), awarded at Swiss Awards 2017

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