And then make love.


And then make love.

Not sex, only love.

And with this I mean slow kisses on the mouth,

on the neck, on the belly, on the back,

lip bites, crosses hands,

and eyes into the eyes.

I mean embraces so tight

to make one single thing,

compenetrated bodies and colliding souls,

caresses on scratches, clothes took off together with fears,

kisses on weaknesses,

on the signs of life

that until that moment has been a bit wrong.

I mean fingers on the bodies, creating constellations,

inhaling scents, hearts that are beating at the same time,

sighs that travel with the same rhythm,

and the smiles,

sincere at last after a while when they were not.

Yes, make love and don’t feel ashamed,

since love is art, and you are the masterpieces.


Alda Merini (Italy, 1931-2009), translated by Slow Words



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