IV pag. 22

Outside a rebellious universe is

with flesh and bodies colliding

to press hard is the pain

that reflects us

silence will not be spared

we are the survivors

those who came from the dark

with pins in their eyes

and the upside down knives

to defend the fused utopias

lost loves

and for the endless times I find you

the May wind is a revelation

that arrives inside the corridors

banging windows and hearts

heating the same point

a target around you

Giorgio Anastasia (Italy, 1972) from Fondazione collection – translation from Italian by Slow Words

Hajirai is the cover picture of this poem and the author is the student photographer Emanuela Gasparri (IG emanuela_gasparri) who took part to a workshop lead by Diana Marrone (Slow Words) at CFI (Centro Fotografia Indipendente) founded by Mario Spada, Biagio Ippolito and Luca Anzani in Naples – an unconventional photography school where Slow Words and Fondazione editorial team partnered to issue a booklet of postcards in which the students freely chose to associate their photo projects to Anastasia’s poems.

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