IV page 154

We could never be happy

returning the hands to their place

and love each other without undecided detachments

reaching you is monstrous

the world enclosed in a room

exchanging shadows for spells

a game of joints

they call it paranoia

it sends you out

suppose you check until the last

I miss you a lot

I hope not to skid

I would like Francesca to stop

calls several times a day

she wants me to tell her about you

when she rings I answer

Hello Tiù is that you?

Giorgio Anastasia (Italy, 1972) from Fondazione collection – translation from Italian by Slow Words

Oltre (2022) is the cover picture author is the student photographer Renata Petti who took part to a workshop lead by Diana Marrone (Slow Words) at CFI (Centro Fotografia Indipendente) founded by Mario Spada, Biagio Ippolito and Luca Anzani in Naples – an unconventional photography school where Slow Words and Fondazione editorial team partnered to issue a booklet of postcards in which the students freely chose to associate their photo projects to Anastasia’s poems.

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