Without touching it, I soften the wrinkles on the forehead


I then ascend toward the hairs

a bunch of crisp hay

unravels and caress them


I relax each pore of the round centimeters of the skull.


From beneath, I stretch the closed and vacuous eyes out.

The blue black of their nothingness fills my wordless brain.

The pupil rests in a lake of toneless molasses


the cheeks lost gravity,

the mouth half-closes,

the tongue does not count anymore breathing and syllables: it rests.


I meet resistance around the neck and I sent it out by the nape.

The neck joins the pupils and drench in that motionless lake.

Not a quiver, nor a move; the palms glance up lost in peace,

together with arms, lined and lifeless.


My abdomen and my pelvis are abandoned and light, I leave them lost in the imagery void of a reservoir of blue water up on the mountains I catch in my recalls.


They never-ending float with no frictions,

my presence on this land is now light.



I am blue water without residue.


The ice of the heart melts, the journey of my thoughts can start.


Do not push and do not ask for directions, it goes aimlessly.




Diana Marrone (Italy, 1973 – ), unpublished (rough translation from Italian by the author)

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