Milarepa’s Last Testament 


After the enlightened cave-yogi and songmaster Milarepa left this world, a scrap of rice paper was found inscribed with his handwriting. His ascetic followers were astounded, for it stated that beneath a nearby boulder was buried all the gold that ascetic Mila had hoarded during his life.

A few eager disciples dug around and under that large rock. In the earth they discovered a ragged cloth bundle. Opening the knotted bundle with shaking hands, they discovered only a lump of dried shit.

There was another scribbled note as well. It said: “If you understand my teaching so little that you actually believed I ever valued or hoarded gold, you are truly heirs to my shit.”

The note was signed “The Laughing Vajra, Milarepa.”


(as told by Lama Surya Das)

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