Our readers’ club: Venice, April 23 from 6,30 pm

Slow Words People and Stories from this World will land live – in flesh and blood – in Venice (IT) for its second readers’ club: save this date, April 23 2015 from 6:30 pm at Osteria da Filo close the Campo San Giacomo Dell’Orio.  
The cool Venetian brasserie-bar is furnished with all different sofas and tables: it is the core of the city social life and has welcomed the invitation of the literary fanzine living in Venice to host recurring evenings dedicated to readings and bits and pieces of literature. Readings going hand in hand with the stories of people from this world: men, women, adolescents unknown to the public, who aren’t leaning towards “becoming someone” but more towards a “well-being,” towards sharing, and the collective knowledge.  
Slow Words selects stories each week for its readers who inhabit the five continents: written in Italian and English, they are online since 48 weeks together with more than 100 poems and narratives (the most of them unpublished) in original language, the poems translated in the two languages of the fanzine. Some of the selected poems are also in different Italian dialects – Venetian included.
Each Slow Words story is the – overarching – view of places, travels, preferences – in one word – of a style that reveals the undercurrent poetry present in all of our lives.
Slow Words speaks from a perspective that does neither include capital letters or italics, nor the opinions of imaginary or self-proclaimed experts, nor the choices of politicians and other public figures.
Slow Words researches only the authentic qualities of those who have followed their calling and seek to live in ‘well-being.‘  
Slow Words is the TV for those who do not watch TV (anymore). And its readers’ clubs gift an unexpected freed time to devote only to the written word.   As for any Weekly newsletter reaching more than 5400 readers all over the world, also for the readers’ club Slow Words shares visions and relation. The poetry and the short stories, the most unpublished, bloom and happen by case among the audience at Filo’s: a whisper mixed to songwriters lyrics shift the line on the savoured, mumbled, nipped, drawn word.  
Slow Words founders and editors, Paolo Graziano and Diana Marrone, will introduce the fanzine and will punctuate the evening with two-voices readings, also in original language, and will be happy to share the word with poets from everywhere. To celebrate the flowers prematurely unfolding this early Spring 2015, to welcome news stories and new emotions.  
Slow Words Sound design: Satie, Broker/Dealer, Jan Jelinek, Ella Fitzgerald, Archive, Anja Garbarek, Thelonious Monk, Bola, Aphex Twin (Le Cri advised us few minutes before starting of not standing, what silly).
Across the river Manhattan floats
Dim gardens of fire
And rushing invisible toward me through the fog,
A hurricane of faces.
Evelyn Scott (1893-1963), from “Precipitations”, 1920
Slow Words Readers Club:
When: Thursday April 23rd, from 6,30 pm,
Where: Osteria Da Filo (ex Poppa)
Calle del Tintor, Santacroce (san Giacomo dell’Orio)
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Cover: Tea Party Pavilion, Rosemarie Trockel at Documenta 13, Photo © Jörg Zimmermann, Stylepark

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