I am touched by the immortal kid


I am touched by the immortal kid

in the clear light of January

he has the soft walk of a god

and a cute female on the shoulder.

I heard him speaking with a strong voice

to the glittering guys with the jackets and the greatcoats;


He shakes now within the long hairs and in smiling

the partner gets tight to him along the narrow street.

Also you entered on the sly

together with others, with words and facts

already in the history, as the last game.

But the goal is unknown to you

And the time overwhelms you.


March 1973


Umberto Piersanti (Italy, 1941 -) from Il tempo differente, Caltanissetta, Sciascia, 1974 – Translation by Slow Words


To read more about the writer and the poet (Italian language): http://umbertopiersanti.it/

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