V page 71

How did you end up Tiù
flying back down the stairs
with the skirt you haven’t worn in a long time to capture the compliments of friends
when we recalled ourselves boys
about post punk trips to Berlin
as if there was only Berlin
or about those who returned on Saturday nights
on foot from Tien’a Ment to Casoria risking to throw puppets and family in a succession of incorrect intentions keeping your nipples between the lips it was very tempting to love
alone you die without a love
I want to love you

Giorgio Anastasia (Italy, 1972) from Fondazione collection – translation from Italian by Slow Words

The cover picture author is the student photographer Claudio Frontone who took part to a workshop lead by Diana Marrone (Slow Words) at CFI (Centro Fotografia Indipendente) founded by Mario Spada, Biagio Ippolito and Luca Anzani in Naples – an unconventional photography school where Slow Words and Fondazione editorial team partnered to issue a booklet of postcards in which the students freely chose to associate their photo projects to Anastasia’s poems.

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