One year with us

#slowwords tells you in a short video tthe opals of 32 people and thousands of places from this world we crossed for you (and told you in our way) all along year 2019.  

To celebrate and echo them, we’ve sourced, translated and read 112 poems and 56 among short stories, book reviews, essays, letters from humans and from boats.

Support us and interact with us: we’re an horizontal space to rediscover human footprints along the crowd of these uncertain, morbid times.

maitre d’art Philippe Nicolas (Paris)

poet Annika Pettini (Milan)

Alessandro Metz, ship owner of Mediterranea NGO Boat (Trieste)

performer Anton Obshta (Ukraine)

erotic writer Roberta Denti (Milan)

artist Larissa Sansour (Paris)

publisher Inès de Bordas (Paris)

designer Carlo Massoud (Beirut)

writer and singer Maria Novella (Venice, Italy)

artists and documentarists Wagner&de Burca (Brazil)

writer Henry Virgin (London)

cultural manager Chris Bailkoski (Manchester)

curator Céline Eidenbenz (Switzerland)

art manager Marianne Burki (Switzerland)

explorer Giacomo de Stefano (nomad)

writer Vaiva Graynitè (Vilnius)

theatre makers Susie Dee/Patricia Cornelius (Melbourne)

lawyer and politician Francesco Senese (Naples, Italy)

performer and musician Amid Vahidi (Club Gewalt, Rotterdam)

director and writer Oskar Alegria (Pamplona, Spain)

writer and scenarist Maurizio Braucci (Naples, Italy)

entrepreneur Inti Ligabue (Venice, Italy)

architect Stefano Poli and his Avogaria Theatre (Venice, Italy)

writer Fuani Marino (Naples, Italy)

video-artist and writer Shuruq Harb (Palestine)

writer and lawyer Burhan Sonmez (Istanbul)

architect Mark Freeman (London)

artist and composer Vivian Caccuri (Rio de Janeiro)

editor and publisher Luigi Politano (Rome, Italy)

artist Luca Vitone (Berlin+world)

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Their and our slow words are committing to the same aim: to feel and achieve the qualities of life and dreams at any latitude without any discrimination or border.

Our true stories are giving you new perspectives. Nobody will collect the same stories we do.

We, people of this world, can make a difference.

Slow Words People and Stories from this World needs your support on this year, 2020, and your donation to our charity stands as a work of art and will secure this free podium generating literature from the real life for another year. 

Please  write us to learn how to contribute or to subscribe our free weekly newsletter! And enjoy our Best Of 2019!

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